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Shenzhen Q-Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd
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  Shenzhen Q-Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd , is a ISO9001 certified company, is a professional electronic cooling product development and manufacturing company, to provide you with the whole process services from the thermal solution design to product supplying, the company's vision is to become one of the world's leading high-end cooling products supplier.

Our products are widely used in communications equipment, aerospace, automotive, electronics, electric power supply, inverter, industrial equipment, solar energy and wind power generation equipment,laser, medical equipment, military and other fields. The backbone of the company was formed by a group of like-minded industry elite composition, no matter R & D engineers, or marketers are more than 10 years of experience in the electronic cooling products, they can provide you with professional thermal design solutions, including computer simulation of thermal analysis, samples making and testing, and provide you with the best cost-effective cooling products finally. Our manufacturing plant has a soldering workshop, machine workshop, stamping workshop, assembly workshop, as well as a mechanical test chamber, thermal test chamber, to produce total series of cooling products, including: all types of soldering heatsink, cold plate, heat pipe heatsink , skiving fin heatsink, bonded fin heatsink,insert fin heatsink etc.

The company's business philosophy: Efficient heat dissipation, reliable cooling, energy saving and carbon reduction, customer first, says it will do our best.
The company's quality policy: the essence of quality, in close coordination, excellent technology.