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Shenzhen Q-Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd

Product's thermal Design Analysis

  As increasing power dissipation of electronic components and equipment, , in order to ensure the thermal components and the reliability of electronic equipment, thermal analysis and thermal control is very essential. Reasonable thermal design can greatly shorten the product development cycle and reduce costs.

     Thermal design of electronic products can be used conduction, radiation or natural convection; It can also be used forced convection, heat exchanger or the cooling liquid circulating in the active technology. In addition, a number of devices based on heat transfer to the new advanced thermal technologies, such as loop heat pipe technology, vacuum cold plate technology, micro-channel technology, thermoelectric cooling technology is also being more widely adopted.

     Our R & D has 10 years experience in thermal and structural design, equipped with advanced laboratory equipment. Heat according to customer requirements and the corresponding data for the original design of computer simulation to provide the best cooling solution reports, and can be used to show the image after the heat-related effects of cooling solutions. At the same time and quickly produce the cooling effect of the sample and test engineering structures, until stable and reliable supply of quality mass products. Our engineers particularly specialize in solving: the conflict between small size and high heat density, the difficult problem of high perfermance in cooling high power devices, the conflicts between thermal and EMI design , outdoor cooling product’s reliability, the problem in low weight and high performance thermal cooling requirements.

Loop heat pipe technology and processing requirements

LHP is the traditional ten times the efficiency of the heat pipe, with its excellent thermal performance, high reliability, etc. are widely used in communications, military, aviation equipment. It greatly expands the application space for heat dissipation, reducing system noise. The emergence of loop heat pipe cooling technology to create a new world of cooling.

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