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2013-2016 Analysis and Forecast of China's wind power industry development

  Although the wind power industry is a period of adjustment, but wind power is booming, increasingly important to the world. In 2011, the worldwide investment in wind power reached 50 billion euros. Wind power to provide 20% of electricity in Spain and Denmark, 10% in Germany. According to statistics of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), 2011 new wind power installed capacity of about 40 million kilowatts. As a result, as of the end of 2011, wind power in the world total installed capacity of 238 million kilowatts. The 2001-2011 average annual growth of about 28%. Currently, wind power accounted for about 3% of the global electricity sources. According to the World Wind Energy Association and Greenpeace Organization predicts the energy of wind power generation in 2020 will account for 12% of the total energy in the world, will be increased to 30% in 2050.

China (excluding Taiwan) new 2011 install wind turbines 11409 units the installed capacity 17630.9MW, cumulative installed wind turbine 45894 the installed capacity 62364.2MW, year-on-year increase of 39.4%. In addition, 10 in the top of the global installed capacity of wind turbine manufacturers in 2011, Chinese enterprises occupy four seats. 2011, China's wind power equipment products of 12 enterprises to enter the international market, there are five companies in foreign countries to develop wind farms.

The growth in the industry at the same time, China's wind power technology has also made significant progress. The completion of the project planning arrangements in the field of wind energy in the "Eleventh Five-Year", "863", "973", and the scientific and technological support for the sustainable development of China's wind energy has laid a good foundation, and is gradually narrowing the gap between China and the international advanced technology. Mainstream model of China's land-based wind farms have shifted from the beginning of the 11th Five-Year 100-kilowatt wind turbines of 1.5 MW to 2.5 MW wind turbine, the 3.0-megawatt wind turbines have been mass-produced, 5 trillion watts and 6 MW wind turbine has also been installed to run off the assembly line. In large-scale wind turbine research and development, production and application, China is catching up to the international advanced level.

As of June 2012, China's grid-connected wind power reached 52.58 million kilowatts, surpassing the United States for the first time, the first to reach the world. And five years ago, our grid wind power is only 200 million kilowatts. From 2 million kilowatts to 50 million kilowatts of wind power with only five years through Europe and the United States 15 years to finish the course. 2011 wind power generating capacity of 70.6 billion kwh, an average annual growth rate of 96%. China has replaced the U.S. as the world's first wind TVU States, National Grid became the global wind power the largest, fastest-growing grid the large grid operation of wind power capacity in the world's leading standards.

However, recent years, China's installed capacity of wind power still retains the world, but difficult to dissolve poor has become a major bottleneck restricting its development. September 18, 2012, the international environmental organization Greenpeace, the China CARCU Renewable Energy Professional Committee and the Global Wind Energy Council released in Beijing "China Wind Power Report 2012" shows that wind power in 2011 "abandoned wind" more than 12%, equivalent to a loss of 330 million tons of standard coal. Wind power companies because brownouts abandoned wind loss amounted to 50 billion yuan, accounting for about 50% of the wind power industry earnings standard. This proportion is unprecedented. Solve wind power grid and consumer satisfaction has become the key to the development of wind power in China.

In the long term, in July 2012, the National Energy Board issued a "wind power development" 12th Five-Year Plan ", put forward China's 2015 wind power installed capacity reached 100 million kilowatts, the generating capacity of 190 billion kwh, wind power generation the proportion of the amount of the total generating capacity of more than 3%. 2020 is expected to reach 200 million kilowatts, of which offshore wind power capacity has reached 30 million kilowatts, the annual generating capacity of wind power reach 390 billion kwh, and strive to the generating capacity of wind power generating capacity in the country accounted for more than 5%.